How to wear your Kanga

If you’re lucky enough to own one of Kenyan Kanga Collection’s beautifully printed kangas, you may be wondering how to wear it. Tradiitonally, the kanga would be tied like a sarong around the waist, hanging to the ankle. However, fold it in half and now you have a funky little mini skirt that can be fastened by rolling the top over several times. Perfect over your bikini bottoms!

The kanga can also be wrapped around the body a little like a towel – under the armpits –making it a great way to cover up but still keep cool when you’re at the coast. Or perhaps you’re staying in a friend’s house and need to make the corridor dash from bathroom to bedroom – the kanga is your best friend in this kind of situation! Alternatively, if you want something a bit more secure, take each corner from the long side of the kanga and bring it up around your neck, tying it behind your neck in a knot – another great way to cover up but remain relaxed and breezy.

If you’re living in colder climes (or in fact Nairobi in July / August!) then the kanga makes a fabulously colourful accessory – primarily as a scarf. Pair it with a garment or outfit of one colour, and you’ll be the ray of sunshine everyone needs in their lives.

But you needn’t restrict the kanga to merely a fashion item; it can also be used as a useful sling in which to carry baby on your back; and if you’ve ever seen this in action it looks like the most comfortable way to be carried around! Many a baby has spent hours and hours asleep in a kanga sling.