Make The Most Of Your Weekend-Top Tips


Do you feel like the weekends just pass so quickly and you realise you have done nothing you wanted to do? Do you sometimes feel more stressed after a weekend?  Do you hate Monday’s?

Well here at Kenya Kanga Collection, we like to encourage a happy colourful life full of joy and pretty things! Here are our top tips to make the most of the weekends 🙂

  1. Don’t fill every minute, instead, choose 4/5 activities that you and your family will enjoy and spend the rest of the time letting your mind freewheel. Try a walk and a picnic, spend the afternoon but the swimming pool or bake a nice cake for tea?

  2. Relish the mornings, keep them relaxed and stressfree and avoid looking at your phone until past 9 am. You have to get up and go every other day so enjoy the lack of urgency.

  3. Find the balance between enjoying downtime and doing something active. Doing an activity for part of the day will help you to enjoy a few moments of downtime without a feeling of guilt or lethargy.

    4. Plan something fun for Sunday night to beaKenyakangacollectiont the Monday blues! A movie night or a family games night, for example, will help you to focus on enjoying Sunday night rather than worrying about Monday.

    5. If you have to work- try to allocate a block of time to work so you can enjoy the rest of the weekend rather than trying to do little bits all day.